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Colour is the visual experience and interpretation of light through human eyes and brain. It influences emotions, such that you feel energetic and warm when you see warm colour tones, or you feel upset and lonely when you see cold colour tones. The use and combination of colours are important in fashions and accessories. In order to present the best visual effect, it needs to understand different properties and impressions of different colours, obtaining complementarity and balance between two or more colours, and make use of their chemical effects.

Recently, BRADY BAGS HK introduces canvas bags in new colour combinations, offering different interaction between colours and providing better choices.

Brand New Colours – Royal Blue x Chocolate Brown



“Royal Blue” is a kind of brighter and more vivid dark blue, which is a popular colour in fashion world, being a fashion index. You may think of “elegance” and “gorgeousness” from the name and colour, and actually Royal Blue has close relationship with British Royal Family. It is said to be invented by millers in Rode, Somerset, a consortium of which won a competition to make a dress for the British Queen, Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz two hundred years ago. The Queen loved the Royal Blue dress very much. Royal Blue at that time was deep and dull but it has changed to a vivid colour nowadays.

When the England-born BRADY bags were dyed the symbolic “Royal Blue”, they possess even stronger British style. The bright Royal Blue canvas is enhanced by dark and stylish Chocolate Brown leather straps, creating perfect complementarity and balance between dark and bright colours.

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