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When talking about green, you may first think of nature. Trees and grasslands are full of this neutral colour tone, which is neither warm colour tone, nor cold colour tone, while a balance between the two tones. Green is comfortable to the eyes, showing strong vitality. If you are asked to describe what green is, everyone of you may have different kinds of green in your mind because of different favours, experiences, habits and the sensitivity of colours. Perhaps it is dark green, light green or other degree of green. Green seems to be difficult to wear, but it is definitely a fashionable colour. BRADY bags offer three green combinations, which are Dartmouth Green x Tan, Dartmouth Green x Chocolate Dark Brown and Olive x Chocolate Dark Brown to be introduced below.



Three Green Combinations on BRADY Bags

I. New Arrival – Dartmouth Green x Tan x Chocolate Dark Brown



Dartmouth Green is a kind of dark but vivid green colour, which is brighter than Olive. Dartmouth Green canvas is originally matched with Chocolate Dark Brown leather, showing a deep colour-toned style. BRADY Bags Hong Kong, however, has introduced new Dartmouth Green canvas bags specially matching with warm colour-toned bright Tan leather, which reduces the darkness of the bags, enhancing vividness and attractiveness. Besides, the shoulder strap is in Chocolate Dark Brown, a cold colour tone, resulting rich visual effects.

II. Dartmouth Green x Chocolate Dark Brown



Unlike new Dartmouth Green canvas bag matching with bright Tan leather to make it lively, Dartmouth Green canvas before is matched with cold colour-toned Chocolate Dark Brown leather and shoulder strap to emphasize low-keyed dark colour-toned style.

III. Olive x Chocolate Dark Brown



Olive is dimmer than Dartmouth Green. Its name comes from a fruit called Olive with the same colour. It is commonly used in military as a protective coloration, thus having rich military style. It is matched with Chocolate Dark Brown leather and strap to make it low-keyed and simple as well.

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