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Red is the most elegant and attractive colour in fashion world. It allows you to become the most beautiful and eye-catching person, drawing others’ attentions and being the centre of attraction. In the 17th century, red is the symbol of nobility and power. Most of the royalties and nobles wore red clothes. As the red dye at that time was made from cochineal extracted from a rare small insect, it was very expensive that only rich people and those with high status could be able to buy it. Nowadays, red is no longer being an untouchable colour. Many fashion designers love to use red colour, which shows gorgeous, confident, passionate and optimistic images. Bill Blass, a famous American fashion designer once said, “When in doubt, Wear Red” and “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” If you cannot make any decision on what to wear, Wear Red! It can enhance your confidence and attraction.

Red has rich elements of fashion. BRADY BAGS have two kinds of red combinations, Red x Tan and New Arrival Red x Chocolate Dark Brown to be introduced below.



BRADY Red Combinations

I. New Arrival – Red x Chocolate Dark Brown


The bright red canvas is matched with Chocolate Dark Brown leather and shoulder strap to show greater colour contrast. The new combination of cold colour-toned Chocolate Dark Brown and warm colour-toned Red is visually much strong and outstanding.

II. Red x Tan


The bright red canvas is matched with tan leather and khaki shoulder strap, harmoniously interacting with each other, making it visually soft and beautiful.

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