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Khaki is a vintage and trendy colour. It is simple and plain but elegant. Thus, it is not only a standard colour for smart casual dress trousers, but also an indispensable colour used by many casual fashion brands. Women would love a Khaki coat and men would never lack a pair of Khaki trousers.

There are two ways of saying about the origin of “Khaki”, i. from Hindi meaning “dust”, ii. from Persian meaning “soil”. Khaki was first used for military uniform. In the 19th century, the British Indian Army started to wear uniform in Khaki. Khaki uniform was used to replace the past bright-coloured uniform since it has the same colour as battlefield and the plain colour tone could be used for protection and disguise. Later, other countries also adopted Khaki uniform.

Khaki has been brought from battlefield to fashion world by many fashion designers nowadays. It covers a variety of casual fashion items including upper outer garments, coats, trousers, dresses, shoes and bags. The designers adopt different deepness of Khaki to create rich colour layers.

BRADY Khaki x French Tan


Image Source: Brady Bags Official

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