Great China Area
British Brady :: More than a century of adherence


This fishman bag “Stour” is a small bag that comes with a spacious storage, an easy style for your everyday’s chic look.

To keep up Brady’s traditon for more than a century, they always leave the main compartment area empty without any partition inside their bags, it is for making more room for storage.

Their traditional idea as below:

1. Maximize the main storage area and the bag shape remain small & light.

2.  Brady’s bags are versatile enough for different occasions, with the removable partition insert; it can turn your bag into a perfect camera bag to hold various lenses, camera accessories or to take out the removable insert to use the large compartment for whatever your day calls for.

3.  Brady is devoted to produce durable bags with the best materials, they want their products to be long lasting that can be used for a lifetime; also an everlasting look that will never goes out of style.

4.  Brady bags get value added by “time”, a vintage Brady bag really tells a precious story about your lifetime. (** This *Stour* in the pictures below has been used more than 8 years.)


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