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The Pursuit of an Unusual “Camera Bag”

BRADY | Made In England

The metropolitan have a higher standard on camera bags nowadays and a common camera bag is considered as boring and outdated. People would rather prefer adding a protective insert into a “non-camera-bag” to create their own style.

To be a good camera bag, the “non-camera-bag” should also meet the following requirements.

• highly water-repellence to handle accidental situation in photo shooting site

• with wide and weight-bearing shoulder strap in order to reduce the pressure of the shoulders

• with scratch-resistant material

• with soft and comfortable material

• with wide space for protective insert and storing a large amount of gears

• with corrosion-resistant metal components, brass the better

• as portable as possible

Many style of BRADY bags have the above advantages, including Ariel Trout、Sutherland、Stour、Gelderburn、Monmouth、Severn,etc. Therefore, more and more people choose BRADY to be camera bags.


Brady-camera-bag-1 Brady-camera-bag-2 Brady-camera-bag-3 Brady-camera-bag-4 Brady-camera-bag-5 Brady-camera-bag-6 Brady-camera-bag-7 Brady-camera-bag-8 Brady-camera-bag-9

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